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The Review has been dedicated to providing a serious and responsible marketing services to tourism businesses and also tourists vacationing in Belize for well over (20) years now. From the original Cayo Review to NOW a Proud Publication of the Cayo District!.

We here at The Review aim to provide a bridge between local services and travelers in search of all the wonderful amenities & adventures Belize has to offer. The Services & Information Directory is a guide to help you, the traveler, find exactly what you are looking for- whether it be a restaurant on the beach or a jungle resort, we hope to provide the means by which your dreams become a reality here in Belize.

For more information browse the Service and Information Directory on pages 4 to 16 they include everything from internet cafes to campgrounds, hotels to banks, car rentals to nightclubs. Wishing all visitors a happy & healthy and happy stay in Belize... So lively up your stay in Belize!

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